Measures to support bars and restaurants


Measures to support bars and restaurants

The City Council wil not charge the rate of occupation of the public road in bars and restaurants, postponing its application, and will collaborate so that the establishments can expand this occupation. #Benifallet #covid19


Benifallet City Council informed yesterday the owners of the bars and restaurants in the municipality that it has postponed the collection of the rate of occupation of the public road in order to favor reopening of its establishments. This is a collection that was planned in this year's fiscal calendar, but will be postponed until normalcy is restored a group severely affected by the Covid-19 crisis and important int he economic fabric of the municipality.

In addition, during the meeting held yesterday, which was attended by the Mayor, Mercè Pedret, and Councilor Antonio Llésera, the owners of bars and restaurants were informed that the City Council will collaborate so that they can expand the employment of the public road, ad long as it does not interfere with traffic, so that they can offer their service safely and with better guarantees once the reopening takes effect. In this sence, the different proposals of each of the owners will be heard.

Cal It should be remembered that the City Council has not collected the garbage receipt from these businesses since it was decreed to be closed, in the same way that it suspended the collection of nursery bills and decreed the postponement of the collection of taxes and general fees.


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