Phoenician Settlement of Aldovesta




It can be accessed by car along the regional road that connects Tivenys and Benifallet, by a detour to the left a few meters after  kilometer 20, coming from Benifallet. The site consists of a set of buildings that form a single building, about 200 m2. Four quadrangular and two semicircular rooms have been identified, with different uses for each of them. In the larger area, considered a warehouse, phoenician amphorae dating to the 7th century BC were found, a material that has also appeared in other areas, along with locally produced hand-made pottery.

Researchers interpret this settlement as a trading place due to the small size and characteristics of the materials found, which has been attributed a function of receiving and redistributing center of Phoenician imports of the area. The structures of the site are preserved at a very low height. They have a double-sided plinth of wedged slabs and filled with pebbles mixed with mud, on which a wall of tovot or tapial was erected. They had no foundation and rested directly on the rock. The stratigraphy obtained shows a single period of occupation, from the middle of the 8th century to 580 BC, with Vuillemont R-1 Phoenician amphorae. It is necessary to emphasise the finding of a set of relatively archaic bronzes. The site has its entire plant intact, although it is in an incipient process of degradation.